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No matter what your office looks like, or where you are in the world, this episode is filled with advice surrounding isolation and creating boundaries between work and life . Hear from Paul Dickinson, Executive Chairman of the CDP on how companies need to reconsider how they define sustainability, and how to truly make flexible work a viable option for a long time to come.

  • You can also decide on who can see what items and what access level they should have, or even share items directly via a link.
  • Guidance for senior leaders and line managers on how to make flexible working a reality and help close the gender pay gap created by the Chartered Management Institute and the Government Equalities Office working in collaboration.
  • At the start of December, we encouraged our teams to WFH wherever possible.
  • With episodes on everything from how to stop self-sabotaging to how to be more body positive, you’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy.
  • WFH is a daily show to help you stay connected, productive, and sane while working remotely.

This will not only keep private data safe but also simplify the view for everybody on the team. Google Drive, you can create a folder structure that is easy to use and helps your team members find the assets and files they need.

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While this has long been a recognised advantage of remote working, it is important to note that we surveyed London workers – and the commute may be less of an issue for people in other places. US and European data shows that around four in ten jobs can be conducted from home. But this figure may be higher if we consider that some jobs could be at least partly done from home. In particular, jobs in finance and insurance, information and communication, and education are among the most conducive to being performed remotely. The NFL season is just around the corner and like all of us, the San Francisco 49ers have been working remotely and finding ways to prepare both on and off the field. Hear from ace defensive lineman Arik Armstead and Hannah Gordon, Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel on how they’ve embraced this remote world, and how it’s nothing like they have ever experienced in the football. Join us as our guests share their experiences paving the way for hybrid work.

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After a few months of near-normality, WFH as a mandate, not a choice, does not feel like business as usual. I come in every day because I just have young kids and I can’t get anything done at work. It’s really difficult to deal with because you can’t tell them not to come in. You’ve just made a policy that allowed for ultimate flexibility and freedom, and you also can’t ask anybody who’s not coming remote work podcast in to come in. So, I think the policies around how you get promoted will have to really become much more objective. It’s human nature to build relationships with those who you’re proximate with. But if you have really clear policies about what performance and overperformance mean, it’s the only way that I can see women and people who choose to work remotely and flexibly sort of overcoming that.

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Enterprise If you have multiple teams, we have a range of solutions ready to fit your needs. These are the top three things that Alex, Isobel and Ryan find most annoying about working from home. With episodes on everything from how to stop self-sabotaging to how to be more body positive, you’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy. With topics ranging from lockdown burnout and the future of flexible working to futurology and how to sleep better, Working From Home With Stylist offers something for everyone to enjoy. If the last year has left you feeling a little bit lost when it comes to work, then Is This Working? From the tip-tapping of the keyboards to the sounds of chatter wafting from the kitchen, there’s something unique about the sense of companionship and community that atmosphere brings.

Find out the five desk personality types and how they can help design physical workspaces that improve employee experience. Bartlett and Gladwell both highlight the failure of employers to persuade people to spend at least some time with their colleagues in person. Neither believes that this can be done very well by diktat or by laying on pizza and bagels. So, when the bufton-tuftons in charge of the UK civil service insisted everybody ‘return to the office’, they found that there weren’t enough desks to go around.

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Learn how to master hybrid cloud strategy and design a cloud infrastructure that best fits your business. Get expert guidance, resources, and step-by-step instructions to navigate your path to the cloud.