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Mouse Right Click Not Working in Windows 10

One of the helpful features of Chrome is the autofill feature. This feature allows users to save their login details of various website accounts in Chrome, which gets auto-filled by Chrome when they revisit those sites. The primary reason for the issue is that Google Chrome is not allowed to save network not showing up passwords, so we start off by enabling this feature. If the feature is already enabled on your chrome browser and you are still facing the issue, move to the next solution directly. Even though you might have the feature to save passwords enabled, there’s another setting which allows the browser to save any kind of data. Disabling the feature and, therefore, allowing Chrome to save data will help solve any issues. Chrome won’t prompt you to save your passwords if the feature itself is disabled.

  • Getting any of these is annoying as it interrupts your work and requires time to fix.
  • Tap Settings, in the left column, and scroll down to find the Show advanced settings option.
  • With a VPN, your activity is encrypted and made anonymous.
  • It resolves all types of network restrictions, for instance you can watch YouTube videos which are not available in your region.
  • Click on ‘OKto save the changes which you have just made.

While many mouse problems are often hardware-related, you can’t rule out the possibility of a software-related issue. Use the Tab key to navigate to the Check for updates button and press Enter.

Method 8: Use Proxy Server

Make sure to try all of these troubleshooting steps to make the problem go away. In case nothing works, we recommend consulting your internet service providers. Clearing cached data from your system is the primary method to fix the ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error.

Common Microsoft Store and App Issues in Windows 10 With Fixes

Green dots mean the method works well, while a red dot means things may be more difficult. Using Google Translate may give you access to unblocked sites. Viewing the cached version of a site may help you get around content blocks. Caching is when a service like Google or your browser keeps a local copy of a commonly visited site so that it loads faster when you visit it again. That means you might be able to access the cached version of a restricted website. A web proxy is a quick and easy unblocker for school or work. Some proxy websites can track your personal information.

But the encryption VPNs offer provide stronger security and more flexibility. When you’re using not just a third-party network, but also third-party hardware such as a school Chromebook, unblocking websites is more challenging. Without admin rights to your school Chromebook, you won’t be able to install tools like VPNs or Tor to bypass content restrictions.